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Clients turn to PBC Legal to be assisted in their disputes, from pre-litigation to litigation before national or international courts or arbitrators, in both civil and commercial matters, with a particular focus on sale and purchase contracts, supply contracts, procurement contracts, corporate matters and extraordinary transactions.  

Proper and skilful management of the pre-litigation phase is essential to ensure that the dispute does not reach the litigation stage. Knowing how to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the client's position, precisely framing the client's rights and obligations, and grasping the remedies available to protect the client, are central activities because they can mark the boundary between early resolution of the dispute and litigation before ordinary courts or arbitrators.  

Litigation, however, is sometimes the only way forward. Where this is the case, it is indispensable to identify the legal system - domestic or foreign - in which it must be rooted, the substantive law - domestic or foreign - applicable to the relationship and, therefore, to have a perfect command of the procedural and substantive law institutions relevant to the case, including European and conventional supranational regulations.  

The experience gained in the field, the expertise acquired through incessant study and the constant commitment to science enable the firm's professionals to carry out all these activities to the client's utmost satisfaction. 

The firm also has significant experience in the recognition and enforcement in Italy of foreign judgments and arbitral awards, pursuant to international conventions, European Union regulations and domestic legislation governing the matter.  

Some of PBC Legal's professionals also act as arbitrators. 

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