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The professionals of PBC Legal assist entrepreneurs and investors, both Italian and foreign, in every phase of corporate and business life, following all the steps: from the feasibility of the idea to the establishment of the corporate vehicle, also taking care of the dynamics related to the corporate governance of the entity (decisive element to ensure stability in the relationships between shareholders and between the latter and the corporate bodies). 

PBC Legal handles on behalf of its clients the legal aspects of complex transactions involving the transfer of shareholdings in Italian and foreign companies, transactions that often involve parties (and, therefore, legal systems) of different nationalities.  

The complexity of M&A transactions, whether domestic or cross-border, is always very high, regardless of their size or value. For this reason, every step of the process leading to the completion of a deal, from the preliminary contacts between the target and the potential buyer, through due diligence and up to closing, is personally followed from start to finish by experienced professionals. 

As far as contracts are concerned, PBC Legal assists companies in their relations with business partners, including international ones, from the very first and preliminary contacts, in order to allow the client to make a well-considered assessment of the opportunities and terms of a possible future collaboration, thus preventing misunderstandings and misinterpretations that could lead to disputes between the parties. PBC Legal therefore takes care of the drafting of preliminary opinions, also in view of the identification of the most appropriate contractual form to be adopted. It also drafts all prodromal documentation (confidentiality agreements, letters of intent, memorandum of understanding, etc.) up to the preparation of the final contract. 

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